Tøyen sentrum, This must be the place: I love the passing of time (part II),
Sandnes kunstforening, 2014

On a regular basis I have sought out this fortress of red brick,
with its tall towers that hover over and protect the partially
concealed square. And despite its architectonic openness, it
feels confined. I would not claim that we have become friends,
this place and I, but one might say that we have become
acquaintances of sorts. Familiar and unfamiliar faces appears,
and like other outdoor spaces, it fills up and is emptied in
accordance with the temperature.

I know each angle, each nook and cranny. I have finecombed
the area with my one-sided gaze. Not so much with the desire
to disclose, as with the desire to comprehend and understand,
so that I can finally feel some sense of belonging. Despite this,
we cannot quite manage to gain one another’s confidence. It
is as though the place wants to retain its secrets, as though
I cannot come close enough.

Here, as in all places that contain human activity, the space is
defined by situations and encounters. As in a slow-motion film,
these incidences glide slowly by, impossible to hold still. The fate
of Tøyen Centre is unknown, yet there is talk of a facelift. What
exactly shall be lifted and for whose sake, has yet to be seen.

Oslo, October 2013